Looking glass



“It is unimaginably hard to do this, to stay conscious and alive in the adult world day in and day out.” This is Water, David Foster Wallace


I post many-a-quotes on Facebook (and now on WordPress).  Often, it is easier to ride the coattail of an already established voice (in my case, it is usually an author or philosopher) who has eloquently articulated something that indirectly expresses the current cluster of emotions/thoughts/words orbiting my own [state of] mind.  Obviously, vicariously voicing what’s on my mind, through these quotes, protects me from the vulnerability too – it is much safer to avoid reader judgment this way.  And since these quotes are by well-known authors, philosophers, and the like, there is a stoic credibility of which automatically summonses the reader to “Hear this!”  And, yes, I do understand that quotes can be interpreted as the reader sees fit.  However, since often it seems that the majority of my readers do not understand the depth and meaning of what it is I am trying to say – I have a new reason for posting these riddles:  I am straining out the like-minded.  As of recently, this new game has churned to be an excellent way to find those individuals that I can relate to on a deeper level.  I don’t mean to imply that I have depth and intelligence greater than the majority (although on my more egotistical days, I could probably defend that argument – and, mind you, being deeper isn’t necessarily a good thing!).  Recently, I accept that I would rather have a few real relationships, with an understanding that is deep and intimate instead of multiple acquaintances that survive on the surface of reality.  I am happy that many people can enjoy the quotes that I post; however, the feedback I am seeking is from the few who not only hear my voice through the quotes, but also, quite frankly, get it (i.e. understand the quote from an intelligent place).



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